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BIT鈥檚 3rd Annual World Congress of Smart Materials-2017 Grand open in Bangkok, the city of angels


This morning, BIT鈥檚 3rd Annual World Congress of Smart Materials-2017 Grand opened in Avani Riverside Bangkok Hotel, 鈥渢he city of angels鈥, Bangkok. The congress is hosted by BIT Group and supported by Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau and Thailand Ceramics Association. Total duration of the congress is 16-18 days, with the theme of 鈥淪tep towards a Ubiquitous Smart Future鈥.

This assembly is provided with 60 parallel special topics covered: issues of intelligent materials, intelligent materials, intelligent hot Nano biomaterials, intelligent photoelectric materials, intelligent composite materials and intelligent materials analysis and application. The forum speakers include: M. Jamal Deen, President of the Royal Society of Canada, Academy of Sciences / McMaster University Professor, Dr. Abbaschian Reza, former chairman of the American Association of Sushanta K. Mitra, vice president of the York University in Canada / Executive Vice President of the Canadian Institute of mechanical engineering; Dr. Jeong Hongsik, vice president of Samsung / Professor of Yonsei University. Chinese - Singapore joint research institute of materials and other famous experts. More than 500 guests attended the congress to share latest research results of intelligent materials.

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