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BIT Hold Hands with International Quantum Physics Society


Latest news, this afternoon of April 11, 2017, Professor Samatha Jenkins, a foreign expert at Hunan Normal University and a representative of the international society for quantum chemistry and Physics(In 2012, the Hunan provincial government "Xiaoxiang Friendship Award" and the "Friendship Prize" of the Chinese government were won in 2013) and Mr. Steven Kirk come and visit BIT Group, both parties have in-depth discussion on cooperation between the 22th International congress of quantum physics.

The congress鈥檚 full name is called International Workshop in Quantum Systems in Chemistry, Physics and Biology. The conference originated in 1986 in Paris, a tribute to Raymond Daudel, and the scientists were mostly from France, Spain and the United Kingdom, Italy, Switzerland and Bulgaria and other countries, and a regular scientific exchange relationship structure has formed from then. Twenty-second the 2017 QSCP will be held in China, Changsha and Zhangjiajie. It was the first academic conference in the field to settle in China for the first time. Congress has been highly supported by Hunan provincial government and Hunan Normal University, BIT will serve as a partner of the conference, responsible for supporting the activities of planning, the overall operation and service.

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