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Global biological experts Meet in Xi'an - The Eighth International DNA and genome week grand Open


In the morning of 25th, 2017, the Eighth International DNA and genome activities week, referred to as "gene Festival", had the grand opening in Xi'an Wanda Hilton Hotel. The conference is sponsored by the State Bureau of foreign experts Affairs, the world high tech Association, Argentina Genetics Society and the Institute of cellular biology of Shanxi province; co-hosted by Zhen-ao Group, ShuangDi, Inc.and BIT Group.

During the opening ceremony, Dr. Mei Xiaodan, chairman of Bit Group, Ms. Pan Xiaofei, chairman of ShuangDi, Inc. and Dr. Tarro Giulio Filippo, President of Italy's Beaumont Bonnet Leigh cancer research foundation has given speeches. As well as Zhong Yanguang, Deputy Director of State Bureau of foreign experts Affairs. The opening ceremony was presided over by Dr. Yin Yuxin, President of the Peking University, school of basic medicine and director of the Institute of Biomedical Sciences.

The DNA and genome Week theme is "For the 13th Five-Year plan, Build a biological technology ecosystem". The topics are divided into three major sections: genetics, molecular and cellular biology, and biotechnology. There are 60 sub forums and 426 special reports. The Seventh International Conference on molecular and cellular biology, the second International Conference on genetics and the first International Conference on biotechnology industry were held. Duration lasts from 25 to 27.

The congress also invited Dr. Robert S. Plumb, Professor of Imperial College London and member of Royal Society of Chemistry, Dr. C.-K. James Shen, Ph. D., distinguished research fellow, Institute of molecular biology, Academia Sinica, Taiwan, Academia Sinica, fellow of the Third World Academy of Sciences, and fellow of Taiwan Central Academy of Sciences and Dr. Xiang Zhang, chief consultant and director of the British Lucideon company, Industry Association of the Royal Society of University of Cambridge as well as other famous experts to give keynote speech,. This congress attracted thousands of people from 32 countries and regions; the conference launched a discussion on hot topics in the field of gene biotechnology, extensively conducting international academic exchanges, further promoting new developments in the field of gene research and treatment, and sharing an academic feast with participants.


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