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BIT Hold Hands with China Anti-Aging Promoting Association


The afternoon of May 3rd, China anti-aging Association Dr. Chen Mingwei, Vice President of China Anti-Aging Promoting Association visited BIT Congress and had discussions with Chairman Mei Xiaodan for the 2018 Anti-aging Congress. Dr. Chen Mingwei suggested that lacking international content is in urgent planning for the next congress, and he hope that BIT Congress can enhance the level of internationalization and advanced the theme, scale and mode of operation of the conference. Chairman Mei Xiaodan said, BIT had held conference in geriatric medical, stem cells and regeneration, nutrition and health and other related fields, based on the experience, he suggested that the conference should highlight in "health" and "happy" as two major themes.

Finally, the two sides also discussed the future establishment of the branch, promotion and the development of BIT. The visit and discussions was remarkable, and the two sides reached a good cooperation intention. Dr. Chen also showed certainty of future cooperation with BIT.

CHINA ANTI-AGING PROMOTING ASSOCIATION (CAPA) is a national, professional and nonprofit organization approved by the State Council and headed by the Ministry of civil affairs. The hand China bit anti-aging Association will jointly launch a high standard and high level of anti-aging professional event .

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