BIT's 11th Annual International Congress of Antibody -2021

Program Layout

Stream 1: Main Conference
Plenary Forum: New Horizon of Antibody Innovation
-Global Action in Welcoming Next Wave Silver Bullets

Stream 2: Parallel Forums
Nexus 1: Future Landscape of Therapeutic Antibody Discovery
-Breaking Progress of Immuno-Drugs beyond Cancers
Hub 1-1: Current State-of-the-Art of Therapeutic Antibody Discovery
Hub 1-2: MAbs against Autoimmune Diseases
Hub 1-3: Therapeutic Antibodies for Cardiovascular Disease
Hub 1-4: New MAbs against CNS Disorders
Hub 1-5: MAbs against Hematological Diseases
Hub 1-6: MAbs for Ophthalmology
Hub 1-7: MAbs for Preventing Transplant Rejection and Other Diseases

Nexus 2 : New Landscape of Antibody Discovery Technology
-Full Play of Disruptive Technologies for Better Silver Bullets
Hub 2-1: Emerging Super Antibody Screening Tools and Automation Lab
Hub 2-2: New Antibody Validation Technologies
Hub 2-3: AI-Driven, Machine-Learning Based Antibody Discovery Platform
Hub 2-4: Rapid Single B Cell and Single Domain Antibody or Nanobodies Discovery
Hub 2-5: Advanced Model Animals for Antibody Discovery

Nexus 3: Most Charming Targets for Therapeutic Antibody Designs
-Targets for Searching Long Lasting Cures
Hub 3-1: Targeting Membrane-bound Proteins -CD Family Targets
Hub 3-2: Future MAbs Targeting Human Ion Channels and GPCRs
Hub 3-3: Emerging Ubiquitin and Autophagy Targets
Hub 3-4: Targeting Interleukin Receptors
Hub 3-5: Emerging New Antibody Targets and Other Validated Drug Targets for Mabs

Nexus 4: Antibody-ADCs and Multi-Specific Antibodies as Next Big Things
-Next Big Things in Immunotherapy
Hub 4-1: Challenges in Selection of Antibody and Antigens for ADCs
Hub 4-2: Essentials of Diversified BsAbs Formats
Hub 4-3: T-Cell Redirecting & NK-Cell Engaging Bispecific Antibodies
Hub 4-4: BsAbs for Non-Cancer Clinical Applications

Nexus 5: Antibodies as Diagnostic Biomarkers
-Cure with Accurate Diagnosis
Hub 5-1: Trend of Diagnostic, Prognostic, and Predictive Antibody Biomarkers
Hub 5-2: New Technology Enables Identification of Biomarkers Discovery, Validation and Standardization
Hub 5-3: New CNS Antibody Biomarkers
Hub 5-4: New Generation Biomarkers in Organ Transplantation
Hub 5-5: Antibody Biomarkers for Infectious Diseases, Cardiovascular Disease and other Diseases

Nexus 6: Alternative Applications of Versatile Antibodies
-Expending Space of Antibodies for Human’s Benefits
Hub 6-1:Applications of Antibody in Life Science Research
Hub 6-2:Antibodies in Environmental Toxin Monitoring
Hub 6-3:MAbs in Food Analysis
Hub 6-4:Catalytic Antibodies
Hub 6-5:Antibody for Biodefence and Public Security
Hub 6-6:Antibodies in Forensics

Nexus 7: Facinating MABs from Non-Human Primates
-Learning the Defense Intelligence from Nature
Hub 7-1:Transgenic Mice
Hub 7-2:Antibodies from Monkeys
Hub 7-3:Porcine, Goat, Cow and Horse Antibodies
Hub 7-4:Chicken, Ostrich and Birds Antibodies
Hub 7-5:Fish Antibodies and Reptile Antibodies

Nexus 8: Smart Antibody DDS
Hub 8-1: Smart Materials for Antibody Drug Delivery
Hub 8-2: New Technology for MAbs Penetrating BBB
Hub 8-3: Targeting Antibody DDS
Hub 8-4: Control Released and Long-Lasting Antibody Design and Formulation
Hub 8-5: Smart Delivery of ADC and Multi-Specific Antibodies
Hub 8-6: Antibody itself as Magic Bullets for Drug Delivery Carriers

Nexus 9: Antibody Clinical Trials
Hub 9-1: Current Status of Clinical trial of Bispecific Antibodies, ADCs and Fc Fusion Proteins
Hub 9-2: Efficacy Safety Assessment Improvement in Antibody Clinical Trials
Hub 9-3: Regulatory Perspectives of Antibody Clinical Trials and Integrative Custom Services

Nexus 10: Antibody Engineering and Bioanalysis
Hub 10-1: Synthetic Biology in Antibody Engineering
Hub 10-2: Rational Selections of Antigen
Hub 10-3: Antibody Expression and Purification
Hub 10-4: CRISPR/Cas9 Gene/Genome Editing in Antibody R & D
Hub 10-5: Antibody Characterization, QC/QA and Modification
Hub 10-6: Protein A for MABs Separation

Nexus 11: Biosimilars and Biosuperiors of Antibody Therapy
Hub 11-1:New Stars and Regulatory Challenges for mAbs and ADCs Biosimilars
Hub 11-2:Competitive Fc Fusions Biosimilar or Biobetters
Hub 11-3:Biosimilar & Biosuperior of Immunocytokines
Hub 11-4:Biosuperior of Antibody Fragments & ALPs
Hub 11-5:Biosimilars of Bispecific Antibodies
Hub 11-6:Biobetters of New Forms Of Delivery Of Antibody Genes (DNA, RNA, AAVs, Oncolytic Viruses)

Nexus 12: Antibody Custom Services
-Integrating Resources to Accelerating Productivity
Hub 12-1:Integrated Workflow Services-Optimized Antibody Discovery Process
Hub 12-2:Antibody Platform Services-Improved Antibody Discovery Methods

Stream 3: Business and Career Development - New Gateway for Growth

Discussion: Business Matchmaking
RT 1: Multilateral Antibody Development Partnership
RT 2: Future of Human Antibody Project Initiatives
RT 3: CRO/CMO and Integrative Services

Workshop: Career Star Treck
MF 1: Academic Positions for Antibody Professionals
MF 2: Industrial Positions for Antibody Scientists
MF 3: Post Doc. Or Graduate Study Opportunities in Antibody Fields

Zone 1: Exhibitions of Antibody Tech and Products
Zone 2: Posters of Antibody R & D

Stream 4: Social and Culture Events - Friendship Makes Innovation Easier

Welcome Banquet and Culture Performance
-Enjoy the Network in Our Happy Common Community
Closing Ceremony
-Farewell for a Better Tomorrow

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