BIT’s 10th Annual International Congress of Cardiology-2019 (ICC-2019)
★ Program Layout
Stream 1: Diagnositc Center-New Diagnositc Tech
S101 Non-Invasive Cardiac Imaging
S102 Novel Chest X-Ray
S103 New CT and MRI
S104 Advanced Ultrasound
S105 New Cardiac Markers
S106 Cardiac POC
Stream 2: Clinical Arena-Clinical Case Studies
S201 Coronary Artery Disease
S202 Advanced Heart Failure
S203 Congenital and Structural Heart Disease
S204 Stroke/Cerebrovascular Disease
S205 Arrhythmia
S206 Valvular Heart Disease/Pulmonary Vascular Disease
S207 Endocarditis, Pericarditis, and Cardiomyopathy
S208 Peripheral Arterial Disease
S209 Hypertension, Hyperlipoidemia, Diabetes and Obesity
S210 Stem Cell and Cardiac Regeneration
S211 New Cardiovascular Devices and Materials
S212 Big Data and Smart Healthcare in Cardiovascular Disease Management
Stream 3: Hot Sci-Hub-Breaking Research
S301 Fronties of Molecular Cardiology
S302 Cardio vascular Genetics
S303 Cardio-oncology
S304 Cardiac Neurodevelopment
S305 Pediatric & Geriatric Cardiology
S306 Cardiac Pharma cology
S307 Radiological/Nuclear Cardiology
S308 Personalized and Translational Cardiology
Stream 4: Drug XLab-New Drug R & D
S401 Novel Drug Targets Disocovery
S402 Lead Discovery and Optimization for Cardiovascular Drugs
S403 Nanoparticles Targeted Delivery
S404 PK/PD, ADMET, In Vitro Efficacy and Toxicity
S405 Clinical Trials on Cardiovascular Drugs
Stream 5: Surgery Room-Novel Surgery
S501 Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery
S502 Robotic Surgeries
S503 Cardiac Transplantation
S504 Interventional Cardiology & Surgery
Stream 6: Care Bay-Prevention and Care
S601 Prevention-Primary and Secondary and Risk Reduction
S602 Lifestyle, Exercise and CVD Prevention
S603 Cardiac Rehabilitation and Nursing
S604 Cardiac Emergency & Critical Care
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