BIT's 8th Annual World Congress of Ocean-2019 (WCO-2019)
Program Layout

BIT’s 8th Annual World Congress of

Ocean 2019

Theme: Caring Our Ocean, Sharing Our Future

Xiamen, China   November 2-4, 2019

Program Layout

Theme 1: Voice of Decision Makers and Masters

Stream 1-1

Ocean Glamour

Pre-conference VIP Activities

Stream 1-2

Master Rostrum

Opening Ceremony and Keynote Forum

Stream 1-3

Sea Brain Nation Theatre

High-end Dialogue

Stream 1-4


Media Programs

Stream 1-5

Xiamen’s Power

Local Ocean Economic Development Forum

Stream 1-6

Sustainable Hall

Toward UN Goal 14

Stream 1-7

Marine NGO Center

Development of Professional Communities

Stream 1-8

Voice of Mayors

New Leadership

-Smart Ocean City

Stream 1-9

Principal Auditorium

Future Marine Education

Stream 1-10

Maritime Silk-road Post

New Vision of Collaborative Ocean Economy

Stream 1-11

Maritime Security Forum

New Strategy, Rules and Methods and Emerging Technology

Stream 1-12

Fair Court

Advances in Maritime Law

Theme 2: Reshaping Ocean Economy and Finance

Stream 2-1

CXO Club

Ocean Industrial

Leadership Summit

Stream 2-2

Sino-X Café

Bilateral Ocean Economic Forums

Stream 2-3

Strategic Big Bay

Bay Area Integrative Growth

Stream 2-4

Cross-Strait Bridge

Co-development of Ocean Economy across Taiwan Strait

Stream 2-5

Marine Free Trade Zone

Marine Free Trade Zone-Overcome the Barrier in Marine Commerce

Stream 2-6

KE Platform

Marine Knowledge Economy Development

Stream 2-7

Economist Salon

Blue Economic Forum

Stream 2-8

Marine Finance Center

Ocean Finance and Investment

Theme 3: Coastal and Ocean Engineering

Stream 3-1

Coastal Engineering

Coast Management and Development

Stream 3-2

OE Workshop

Offshore Ocean Engineering

Stream 3-3

Deep Sea Tech

Deep Sea Technology and Engineering

Stream 3-4

Seawater Desalination Station

Seawater Desalination Engineering

Theme 4: Ocean Energy

Stream 4-1

Ocean Renewable Energy

-Offshore Wind Energy, Wave Energy, Tidal , Thermal Energy

Stream 4-2

Understanding Ocean Resources for Renewable Power Generation

Stream 4-3

Government & Investor Guidelines for Ocean Energy Developers

Stream 4-4

Marine Fossil Energy Exploitation and Environmental Protection

Theme 5: Oceanography, Marine Science & Technology

Stream 5-1

Hot Sci-Hub

Breaking Marine Science

Stream 5-2

Disruptive Universe

Future Ocean Innovative Technologies

Stream 5-3

Digital Ocean

Smart Ocean Forum

Stream 5-4

Marine Biotech Lab

Latest Research in Marine Biotechnology

Theme 6: Sustainability of Ocean Nature Resources and Environmental Protection

Stream 6-1

Big Eco-World

Ocean Sustainable Development and Ecosystem Protection

Stream 6-2

 Colorful Underwater Biosphere

Marine Biodiversity Research

Stream 6-3

Climate Change Mitigation

Marine Meteorological Forum

Stream 6-4

Disaster Shelter

Ocean Disaster and Emergency Response

Stream 6-5

Ocean Acidification Monitor

Ocean Acidification Control and Prevention

Stream 6-6

Debris Dumpster

Marine Debris Control and Prevention

Stream 6-7

Ocean Environment Melvedere

Ocean Management and Environmental Protection

Stream 6-8

Happy Small Islands

Sustainable Islands toward 2030

Theme 7: Smart Port, Green Shipping, Salvage & Rescue

Stream 7-1

Smart Port

Smart Port Planning and Management

Stream 7-2

Maritime Transport Port

Green Shipping and Shipping Sustainability

Stream 7-3

Salvage & Rescue Bureau

Marine Salvage & Rescue Forum

Stream 7-4

Green Shipyard

Ship Building and Engineering

Theme8: Fishery and Aquaculture

Stream 8-1

Marine Pasture

Fishery and AquacultureTechnologies and Production Systems

Stream 8-2

Smart Fishery Zone

Smart Fishery Forum


Stream 8-3

Algae Factory

Algae Forum


Stream 8-4

Seafood Refining Plant

Seafood Forum


Theme 9: Marine Biotechnology

Theme 10: Exhibition and Poster

Theme 11: Project Matchmaking

Theme12: Wonderful Social Activities


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