The 10th Annual International Congress of Vaccine-2021 (WCV-2021)

Program Layout


World Congress of Vaccines 2023
Time: April 25-29, 2023
Venue: Dalian, China


Theme 1Plenary Conference
Opening Ceremony- Keynote Forum: Leadership for Vaccine Development


Theme2: Parallel Forums

Track 1: A Fascinating World of Vaccine Innovations

WCV 101: Novel Immune Profiling Technologies

WCV 102: Disruptive Biotech in Vaccine Discovery

WCV 103: Breaking Smart Vaccine Delivery System

WCV 104: 3D Bio-Printing and Nanotech Vaccine Fabrication

WCV 105: Smart Bioprocessing of Vaccines


Track 2: Universal Influenza & Other Anti-Infectious Vaccines

WCV 201: Universal Influenza and Respiratory Vaccines

WCV 202: HIV Universal Vaccines

WCV 203: Antiviral Vaccines, Antifungal Vaccines, Anti-Bacterial Vaccines, Anti-Parasite Vaccines

WCV 204: Re-emerging TB and Malaria Vaccines

WCV 205: Vaccines for Neglected Infectious Diseases


Track 3: New Horizon of Next Generation Critical Illness Vaccines

WCV 301: New Birth Childhood Vaccines

WCV 302: Anti-Neurodegenerative, CNS Vaccine R & D

WCV 303: Vaccines and Autoimmune Diseases

WCV 304: Cancer Vaccines


Track 4: Non-Human Vaccines

WCV 401: Veterinary Pathogenicity, Immunology and Epidemiology

WCV 402: Emerging Technologies for Veterinary Vaccines

WCV 403: Aquaculture Vaccines   


Track 5: Vaccine Clinical Trials, Safety and Management

WCV 501: Landscape of Vaccine Clinical Trials in China

WCV 502: Global Challenging Issues of Vaccine Safety




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World Class Meeting Venue

WCV-2023 will be held at Dalian World Expo Center, China

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Information Research Center of International Talent, Ministry of Science and Technology, China

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