The 10th Annual International Congress of Vaccine-2021 (WCV-2021)

Welcome Message

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It is a great pleasure for us to invite you to participate as speaker, sponsor, exhibitor and/or attendee of the World Congress of Vaccines-2023 (WCV-2023). With the theme "Opening New Era of Universal, Smart, Customized, and Precision Immunization", WCV-2023 will take place during April 25-29, 2023 in Dalian, China.

The conference, WCV-2023 aims to be the most comprehensive vaccine congress where discoveries meet opportunities; innovators meet developers; and science translates into business. The objective of this conference is to provide communication, education and networking opportunities for scientists engaged in vaccine whether in academia, biotech or industry. Attendees will hear world-class speakers discussing the challenges and opportunities facing the vaccines field.

With 5 channels consisting of more rich and colorful topics and activities, WCV-2023 will bring you a complete different brain rock and feeling than before. The 5 Channels not only refer to some hot and practical topics of Vaccine, but also offer attendees more opportunities to discuss and communicate with each other by face to face, such as Mini-Symposia, Roundtable and Panel Discussion, Matchmaking and Partnering. The old model of presentations is changing, nobody will only speak or listen, everyone will have more time and opportunities to communicate and ask questions about others'opinions or research about Vaccine. China, a country with countless potential opportunities, this annual conference will also focus on the China Vaccine R & D, which will promote the domestic and international communication and cooperation on the vaccine field. Meanwhile, there are many social activities for every attendee, Scheduling for Campus Seminars, Visiting Industrial Park and Vaccine Companies and Tech-Tour in Famous Chinese Historic Interesting Sites.

Lastly, we hope you not miss this historical initiation and actively join us with your great passion and contributions. Hope to see you in Dalian to find more information about the ongoing vaccine research, so that together we will succeed in overcoming the major issues of mankind for the betterment of the society as a whole.

Sincerely Yours,

Dr. Xiaodan Mei
Executive Chair
President of BIT Congress Inc., China

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WCV-2023 will be held at Dalian World Expo Center, China

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Information Research Center of International Talent, Ministry of Science and Technology, China

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BIT Congress Inc.

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