BIT's 8th Annual World Congress of Aquaculture and Fisheries-2019 (WCAF-2019)
★ Why Speak

We are on the lookout for leaders and experts both from industry and academia to speak at WCAF-2019. Over the past several years, our highly successful Ocean events have attracted international speakers from top companies, universities and research institutions. Below are just a few more reasons why you should be a speaker at this year's Conference:


• Meet the researchers across disciplines and disease sites face-to-face;
• Network and exchange ideas with other experts;
• Work with an intimate and targeted audience;
• Raise your profile as a professional in the field;
• Use this opportunity to influence the realm through your ideas and perspectives;
• In addition your name will be on all brochures and distributed to over 10,000 scientists worldwide;
• have the unique opportunity to seal your corporate and academic presence;
• build up your comprehensive network.

Speakers are carefully selected to represent a diversity of experience, personalities, ideologies, and viewpoints. These speakers will be renowned experts who have demonstrated outstanding thought, influenced innovation achieved success in their work field. If you would like to submit a proposal to give a presentation or display a poster at this congress, please send us an abstract and brief us a 3-5 sentence summary of a proposed topic on your recent work.


Speaker roles


What sort of speakers are there and what are their roles?
Keynote speakers present the first session or key session at the conference and receive the highest billing in all event marketing. Their role is to open the conference with a high-level speech that sets the tone for the whole event.


A chairman's role is to make a few opening remarks at the start of the sessions and symposium, introduce each speaker, field questions from the audience (asking a couple of his/her own if there are none from the floor) and keep everything to time. Chairman will be asked to make announcements to delegates and they remain on/near the stage throughout the day.


Session speaker
Individual speakers are required to prepare a 20 – 25 minute presentation, with slides. They will be introduced by the chairman and then allowed to speak, free of interruption, for the allocated time slot, allowing for 5-10 minutes of questions from the audience at the end (which the chairman will facilitate).


Panel speakers are not required to provide powerpoint slides for their session. But they can provide papers for delegates' reading, which will be inserted into the conference proceedings. They will be introduced by the panel moderator and asked a few questions. They will then be involved in a debate/interactive discussion with the moderator, the other panel members and the audience.


Panel moderators are required to introduce each panelist and ask them a series of pre-prepared questions in a “chat show host” style. They also need to encourage audience participation, fielding questions from the floor, whilst keeping the whole panel to allocated time.


Sponsor speakers are either session speakers or panelists. They are encouraged to keep to the topic suggested to them by the conference organizer and not to lapse into sales pitches! This is to help sustain attention from the audience.


No team presentations are allowed.
"keynote" speakers who we will contact directly, travel and hotel arrangements as well as the registration fee will be the responsibility of the speaker. The Organizing Committee will not cover travel, hotel expenses.

News Released

● Call for speakers, exhibitors and sponsors worldwide.
● Call for paper
● Call for media partners and advertiser worldwide.
● The scientific program is releasing soon.

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