BIT Congress
Enterprise Spirit
To integrate highly-sophisticated global resources, to take full advantage of foreign science and technology to accelerate the development of emerging high-tech industry.
To become a world-class leader in high-end international conference industry.
Core Values
To care the staff and form a people-oriented company with spirits of integrity and compliance; to create wealth for the community; to maximize the potential of the talents.
Business Philosophy

Innovation, Integrity, Compliance, Loving Nature, Respecting Science, Promoting Art and Culture are the key beliefs we have been pursuing.

We strive to be the first channel of high-end international conference, the platform for intelligence, investment, science and technology.
Our Objectives
BIT seeking for frontier, surpassing self-hood and pursuing excellence.
Development Plan
Develop from service market to capital market.

Company Name: BIT Congress Inc.
Company Address: Life Science Innovation Center BLD 3-2, 43 Torch Road, High Tech Park, Dalian, LN 116023, China
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