BIT Congress
Business Scope
International Conference Planning
BIT Congress has 500 employees working for convention projects and endures 10 years’ experience in planning, organizing and operating international conferences. Each year, there are more than 70 meetings operated by BIT with tens thousands of participants from 80 countries. We provide a variety of services, such as convention planning, organizing and calling for speakers and participants and also on-site reception.
Assisting Governments in Investment
BIT has built a close relationship with tens of thousands of industry associations, associations of overseas Chinese, the world’s top 500 enterprises, multinational corporation and scientific research institutes from over 50 countries and regions. According to the government and industrial parks demands, we send out invitations for investment to overseas students to bring them back to China and establish their own businesses.
High-end Intelligence Introduction
BIT, as a carrier of ‘Dalian Biotechnological and Medical Experts Subdivision,' which belongs to State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, is having over 12 million international experts' data. Our database includes hundreds of overseas academicians, 100,000 company executives and world-renowned professors for the government, academic institutions and enterprises to introduce international expert and intelligence services.
International Project Matching
BIT has accumulated a number of outstanding international projects through operating conferences, attracting overseas investment and intelligence. Moreover, BIT has built a close connection to foreign and domestic investment and financial institutions. Therefore, BIT is capable of providing financial information and project matching services, in order to promote technological innovation and industrialization of frontier projects.
International Market Development
Relying on its own advantages and professional team, BIT regularly organizes various professional conferences and exhibitions. It is an opportunity for enterprises to exhibit products, promote company image, release information and meet new friends. It is also a great chance to help our partners to expand international market and build international cooperation systems.
Technology Video
BIT has used P2P technology to develop the Mannovas TM world's leading high-tech video media platform. This platform is composed of online conference, scientific research achievement release and experimental process as well as high-end talent recruit, to provide the opportunity of resource sharing and international cooperation for scientists around the world.
Internship at Nobel Price Laureate's Laboratory
We call it "X-lab" project. BIT creates an opportunity for hundreds and millions of Chinese students who have dreamed of becoming scientists, working closely with masters and realizing science dream in real life.
The most Prestigious International Speakers Bureau
We have enormous resources and can invite world-class experts for kinds of meetings, exhibitions, celebrations and academic exchanges at home and abroad including Nobel Prize Laureates, academicians, senior managers, politicians and other renowned people in the field of economy, culture and science.
Annual Meeting of Industry Association
We have successfully held more than 300 professional international conferences and have accumulated systematic and professional meeting planning procedures, which are fully used in planning, organizing and operating annual meetings of all areas. Three national annual meetings which include Annual Meeting of China Fisheries Association- 2014, Annual Meeting of China Recreation Anchoring Association-2014 and Annual Meeting of China Algae Industry-2014, will be operated together with the 3rd World Congress of Ocean.

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