BIT Congress
Strategic Partners
    • State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, China
    • China Medicinal Biotech Association
    • South Korea Tourism Bureau
    • South Korea Busan Convention Bureau
    • South Korea Biochip Association
    • American Polypeptide Society
    • Singapore Tourism Bureau
    • CCPIT-Shanxi Sub-Council CCPIT-Jilin Sub-Council
      CCPIT- Inner Mongolia Sub-Council
      CCPIT-Liaoning Sub-Council
      CCPIT-Nanjing Sub-Council
    • CCPIT-Jinan Sub-Council CCPIT-Datong Sub-Council
      CCPIT-Xiamen Sub-Council
      CCPIT-Yunnan Sub-Council
    • CCPIT-Guilin Sub-Council
    • CCPIT-Guangzhou Sub-Council
    • CCPIT-Qingdao Sub-Council
    • CCPIT-Dongying Sub-Council
    • CCPIT-Dongying area Sub-Council
    • CCPIT-Xian Sub-Council
    • CCPIT-Haikou Sub-Council

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