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As the leader of high-end Conference Industry, BIT Congress has held over one hundred international conferences with its own brands and set up a platform to invite nearly 45 Nobel Prize Laureates, more than 100,000 internationally renowned experts and entrepreneurs to visit China, participate in the exchange trade, and discuss the details of cooperation. These conferences have involved the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceutical innovation, new energy, new materials, IT, and high-end manufacturing. BIT focuses on the integration of international high-end resources, adheres to innovation, and takes the road of specialization as the most significant advantage. Thanks to the great efforts made by international experts and employees in our solid team, BIT has jointly set up a huge resource library of high-end talents with tens of thousands of industrial organizations, academic organizations and enterprises in more than 80 countries and regions all over the world. The resource library collects contacts and professional direction information of over four million high-end experts with a PhD degree to provide services to our government, enterprises, research institutes, universities and colleges helping them attract foreign investment, introduce talents, dock projects, and perform academic exchange programs. At present, BIT has been involved in the conference fields including:

Company Name: BIT Congress Inc.
Company Address: Life Science Innovation Center BLD 3-2, 43 Torch Road, High Tech Park, Dalian, LN 116023, China
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